How to improve the jaw crusher performance?


If the material is with high moisture, the material will be adhered to each other on the jaw plates of the broken cavity after the material is crushed into small pieces, causing the jam. If the material is mixed with sticky soil, the material will be adhered to a piece of block in the crushing cavity. In the long run, it will also cause rust of the jaw plate.

Therefore, before production, the material can be sieved by vibrating screen or feeder, and the material is dry with natural wind to reduce the moisture.


If the feeding size is bigger than Max input particle size, crusher will stop and need a long time to clean the crushing cavity. Therefore, the material particle size and feeding speed should be strictly controlled.


For jaw crusher, the rod bearings, eccentric shafts, and motion jaw assembly bearing are need to be lubricated. Before adding lubricating grease, it should be ensured that the grease is clean and cooling to ensure that the grease has a certain viscosity, and it must be replaced in time after each period of use.

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